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Free Feng Shui Freebies

Freebies Tour @ Geomancy.Net

The best place to find all the Freebies on Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology

Welcome to, Home of the largest Free Resources and Freebies.

We bring you a collection of the many useful freebies that are available on this website.
Unless you're brand new to the Net, you likely have discovered the fact that the world of
cyberspace, this is a fantastic place to get a better understanding on Feng Shui. It's our ongoing mission to provide you with all the best freebies in one convenient spot.




Personalised reports to help you find out about yourself, your home and business.

Take a tour and learn Authentic Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. This will help you better understand and apply Feng Shui to help you improve yourself and your home environment.

Learn more through:-

A one-to-one `Question-and-Answer' session with Cecil Lee. At the heart of Geomancy.Net's support structure is the free Advice Forum. For many users the Free Advice Forum becomes a trusted friend, a guide through the challenges of understanding authentic Feng Shui.

A daily forecast that can tell you each daily's influence and who are suitable and unsuitable to that day.

Download a free Fortune Desktop Wallpaper to brighten up your desktop and bring you fortune for the year!

We hope you find the above resources useful!


Warmest Regards,
Cecil Lee & Robert Lee
GEOMANCY.NET Center for Applied Feng Shui Research



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Free Personalised Assessment Reports

Free Personalised Reports

Sample of Pillars of DestinyGeomancy.Net uses State-of-the-Art Feng Shui Analysis Reports created personally for us for our professional uses. A sample would be the captured report on your left, which is actually a detailed Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) Report.

  • Are you ready for Authentic Traditional Feng Shui that is personalised to you and your family?
  • Do you want to follow your passion or discover what it is?
  • The Free Reports is about encouraging self-discovery at every turn and then helping you do something with it, effectively.


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Free Feng Shui Advice

Free Feng Shui Advice

About Cecil Lee, AuthorAt the heart of Geomancy.Net is the International Free Advice Forum. Geomancy.Net has setup a FREE Feng Shui Advise forum for all users to seek expert advise from Cecil Lee (moderator and author of this website).

For many users of the forum, has becomes a trusted friend, a guide through the challenges of daily life, and a motivator and catalyst to allow for a better understanding of Feng Shui, Chinese Divinity methods, Chinese beliefs and customs.

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Free Feng Shui Resources

Free Resources

  • You will find quite a range of Feng Shui resources, a collection encompassing thousands of reading materials about Feng Shui.
  • You can also choose to complete a wide range of modules of courses and get a certification to show that you had completed the course.


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Free Daily Feng Shui Forecast

Today's Feng Shui Forecast

This is a realtime analysis of the current year, month, day and hour using the Pillars of Destiny (ba zi feng shui) to relate the current day into Feng Shui's Five Element concept.

This allows you to be able to predict whether the day is good or bad for a person so long as you know your true birth element (eg. weak wood, strong fire person).

Latest Daily Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

This is a our latest daily forecast script which shows all the 12 horoscope signs forecast in detail.

[Can't view the forecast below, click here for the full page forecast link]


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